1/32 Scale Miniatures in Lead-free Pewter - Manufactured by S & D Models
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Cat No. 1/32 Scale Railway figures from S & D Models £each Image
SF1 Driver - arms are separate from the body, allowing you to position them as required e.g. right hand on regulator, left hand holding rag 8.00 camera
SF2 Driver - arms are separate from the body, allowing you to position them as required e.g. rag in left pocket, left hand on regulator 8.00 camera
SF3 Fireman - bib & brace overall (SD2 Shovel shown but not supplied) 8.00 camera
SF4 Guard - left hand resting on coach window or brake veranda 8.00 camera
Cat No. 1/32 Scale Railway accessories from S & D Models £each Image  
SD1 Bucket, scale 2.5 gallons with separate D-shaped handle 3.00 Image
SD2 Standard pattern locomotive coal shovel 1.50 Image
SD3 K pattern oil can & long cylindrical oiler 3.00 Image
SD4 Steam oil can & coal hammer 3.00 Image
SD7 'Jim Crow' rail bender 3.00 Image
SD8 Ballast rake & crow bar 3.00 Image
SD9 Keyhammer & spade 3.00 Image
SD10 Spanner & track gauge 3.00 Image
SD11 Wheelbarrow kit (wooden industrial type as still used today) 4.50 Image
SD12 Industrial gas bottles (Oxygen & Acetylene) 3.00 Image
SD19 Ball pein hammer & 2 double ended spanners 3.00 Image
SD21 Broom 1.50 Image
SD22 Shovel & sledgehammer 3.00 Image
SD23 Pick axe & pummel 3.00 Image
SD24 Gardening spade & fork 3.00 Image
SD25 Rake & hoe 3.00 Image
SD26 Long handle axe & birch broom 3.00 Image
SD27 2 seat ends (require slats & truss rod to complete) 3.00 Image
SD28 Sack barrow kit 4.50 Image
SD29 2-wheel platform barrow kit 7.50 Image
SD31 'Barley sugar' twist platform lamp stem 3.00 Image
SD32 Hexagonal base extension to make SD31 into yard or street stem 2.00 Image
SD33 Suggs pattern hanging gas lamp with swan neck for SD31 4.50 Image